December 17, 2010

Small ttree config change fixes site

When I got my new laptop I reinstalled a bunch of perl modules, tending to do it on an as-needed basis vs the autobundle reload. ("What bothers you about that, the ease, the convenience...?" Anyway.) And it loaded a new version of the Template Toolkit. Apparently between the version on my old laptop and this one a number of changes had been made to ttree, which <a href=/2008/07/08/new_site.html">generates this site</a>. And when I ran my publishing script it dutifully generated the Atom feed, put the new post on the front page, and uploaded it to the site.

But I got an email from someone that the actual permalink resulted in a 404. A little closer looking found that ttree wasn't generating my files! I vaguely remembered having to patch ttree and looked around for a post on that, no luck. Turning on verbose mode ('verbose = 2') in ttree.cfg showed this:

cwinters@abita ... $ ttree -f ./ttree.cfg
ttree 2.9 (Template Toolkit version 2.22)

      Source: content
 Destination: site
Include Path: [ templates ]
      Ignore: [  ]
        Copy: [ \.(css|js|html|xml|atom)$, ^robots\.txt$ ]
      Accept: [ \.txt$ ]
      Suffix: [ txt => html ]
            0 files processed
            0 files copied
            0 directories created
            2 files skipped (not modified)
           21 files skipped (ignored)

Hmm... that number of files skipped is really low. A little more checking revealed that I needed to explicitly specify recursive behavior, with 'recurse = 1'. Everything is now as it should be, and now that I don't need to patch ttree no more surprises should pop-up.

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