December 17, 2010

Off delicious...

Given recent news, my bookmarks are now going into pinboard. Here are the details:

Unlike some others I'm not that upset about delicious going away. I liked it and used it extensively (5600+ bookmarks since April 2004), but it's a commodity. The fact that they made the bookmarks so easy to export in a standard format speaks to this as well.

An interesting aspect of the delicious hubbub is trust. Even if Yahoo sells the service to someone else, sufficient trust has been lost that people aren't likely to come back. Cloud services like this feel more susceptible to losing trust than apps housed locally. The ease of using the service also means it's easy to use a competing service, as long as you can move your data -- particularly one as lightweight as delicious. Is the same true of a hosted electronic medical record? Probably not to the same degree, but trust still something vendors have to zealously protect.

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