February 06, 2007

Fireworks + Pittsburgh

On seeing this amazing photo of fireworks, lightning and a comet in the same photo, my second thought was, "I know which one Pittsburghers would be paying attention to..."

I'm not sure what it is, but Pittsburghers are bonkers for fireworks -- even more than other Americans. I have no proof of my assertion, but as a bit of evidence, check out the Pirates schedule for August [1]. In particular, August 16-18, which not only features Skyblast, but First Strike through Third Strike of the blessed event. Oh yeah, it also features Styx (Aug 16), Smashmouth (Aug 17) and local favorite Poverty Neck Hillbillies (Aug 18).

[1]: I had a brief recoil when I typed 'pirates.com' to reach that site, fearing I might get something related to... well, to another type of pirate. See also: Dick's Sporting Goods.

[2]: Hey, look, the blink tag still works!

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