February 07, 2007

On Ella's sleep

In the Spaceman Spiff outfit

One of the first things people ask when they see me now is, "How are you sleeping?" I say, "Not bad," and actually mean it. Generally Ella's sleeping has been good -- and by good, I mean for extended periods of time. It's also better for me than Barb because during the week she usually doesn't actively wake me up when Ella's being fussy, only when she's exhausted or has had a tough day. I still wind up geting up to about 3/4 awake -- it's tough to sleep through fitful crying, even for a minute -- but that's better than having to be awake and actually doing stuff.

The last couple nights were exceptions: she slept fine until about 3:30 or 4, and then was wide awake and ready to build some neurons. And since the previous night Barb got up with her, tonight was my turn. It turned out that she just didn't want to sleep in the co-sleeper or our bed: once I rocked her a bit, she conked out in the swing. (Love the swing!)

But unfortunately I was up, wide awake and ready to build some neurons. And I discovered what a great time it is to plow through my feed backlog -- i even went through a couple months of Paul Ford's stuff I enjoy so much. His writing is the sort of thing that, when I was younger and actually wrote more than a hundred words at a time, I thought I'd be doing at my age.

Shit, I just wrote "at my age".

In related news, Barb is updating her blog regularly now. Maybe she'll shame me into doing the same.

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