January 28, 2007

The first four weeks

Smiles are coming!

Ella was born a month ago yesterday, although I'm learning in parent parlance it's more proper to refer to her as "four and a half weeks". She's been great: generally when she cries there's a reason, and she often sleeps for good periods of time (3+ hours). Plus she's growing like crazy, still in the 97% for all of her measurements. Apparently big babies like her start to "even out" between 9 and 12 months.

Generally, if they're eating, sleeping, pooping and peeing with regularity then they're doing good. They can be sick, of course, but there's fortunately not quite as much for prone-to-worry-and-panic new parents to pay attention to. And, knock on wood, we've apparently passed the time where babies become colicky.

Barb and I are doing very well: because I'm back to fulltime work Barb takes care of her more during the weeknights, when it's necessary. When I come home I take care of dinner and then give Barb some naptime -- she's a morning person anyway.

If you follow the photo above (one of my favorites) you'll see we've been taking lots of them. Like most baby photos they're kind of boring because she can't do much yet, but I'm feeding some hungry relatives with these things.

More soon...

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