August 15, 2001

Project out of control

So I'm jamming along, finishing up this LDAP stuff after having completely rewritten the SPOPS class builder system, feeling pretty smug. Going to Kennywood tomorrow, great. Weather has finally cooled down, great. Got some trance something or other playing that a friend gave me a while ago.

And then the project from hell comes raining down. You know, the one where things have been spinning further and further out of control for months, where the people who were working on it and had some idea of what it was supposed to do are gone, where the scope has gone entirely out the window, where your management is just cutting bait so the project doesn't continue as a black hole for money and time.

Yeah, that one. To be finished by Friday (day after tomorrow). I had forgotten, but that's why I wanted to become a programmer. Shit.

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