August 27, 2001

LDAP serialization, immediate gratification

chromatic: You should ping the DC Perlmongers group (esp the mailing list) regarding XP in DC. If I still lived down there I'd be there with bells on :-)

OpenInteract 1.2 and SPOPS 0.50 are pretty much bundled up and ready to go out the door. Once my guinea pig -- I mean client -- gets everything up and running, they'll be unleashed. LDAP support for object serialization and authentication, retrofitting onto existing directories, is included. Also: better TT integration with a full provider and plugin; SPOPS code generation has been totally rewritten to make adding features quite easy (rules-based setup). The crowd goes wild.

I really need to work on the docs for SPOPS -- it's getting big enough that I think we need something like what TT has: each module has its own information and a separate hierarchy (Template::Manual) has overall information and binding material. Organization key.

Project from hell pretty much got worked out -- throw enough time at it for n days straight, hey no problem -- but of course right on the heels of that the only person who knows unix went to germany and saddled me with a nasty email problem. Then someone else had an email problem. (And of course everyone panics when they have email problems.) I'm getting the impression our clients are held together with duct tape.

Also went down to DC for a meeting with a about-to-sign-the-contract client and closed the deal. Cool. So OpenInteract will be used on a site that some people might have actually heard about. (More later, when it's actually implemented :-)

On my way back from DC stopped by one of the big box stores and bought five or six CDs. The pleasures of immediate gratification...

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