August 13, 2001

Thinking about macs

Somehow, the idea of running OS X in one of them new iBooks has got itself into my brain and refuses to leave. Part of me recoils in horror at the potential of becoming part of another rabid community. But it's mostly because it's so damned cool.

I've never been a Mac person, and it's fascinating to try and learn something about the technology because you quickly run into a different language. Task about Pismos this, Lombardo (?) that, Wallstreet the other thing. It's just like discussing any number of things in the PC (or opensource world), but it's still startling to encounter the first time. It's been a while since I felt like a newbie... of course, other people probably thought I was, but I didn't :-) Ignorance is bliss.

The hardware treadmill never ends, does it? I suppose if I were a handy person I'd be the same way about power tools. Oh well.

Socks are mostly patched up now, resulting in lots of cool features for both SPOPS and OpenInteract. I need to release new versions of both soon, otherwise the Changes entries will become overwhelming.

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