November 16, 2000

Initial new job impressions

jmg: Heaven knows I reinvent the wheel as much as the next person, but there seems to be a pretty active project underway to replace CVS. See Subversion.

New job: going ok so far. I'm changing a ton of things at once: working in an office again (with more than a little typical hacker anti-poltical-correctness), commuting, learning about an entirely new realm of business problems, figuring out how to use Win 2000 instead of Linux (hopefully I'll be able to change this...), using an IDE for the first time, and getting the ropes of Java along with lots of its associated goop (EJB, JDBC, container this, entity bean that, blah blah). It's kind of interesting and I'm sure the Perl part of my brain will stay developed. But I already miss Perl a little.

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