December 11, 2000

All over the map

I am beat.

New job is working out pretty well. Java is frustrating sometimes because in some ways it doesn't have the flexibility of Perl, and because easy things aren't as easy, but overall it's pretty nifty. (I'm glad I don't do GUI development tho -- ick.) Need to get a Linux workstation in there somehow -- I think I've proved that I'm not a ding dong, so hopefully I can use the sane argument of productivity.

My sister is visiting for an undetermined amount of time -- she needs to get her life straightened out, and I'm trying to convince her to move up here to Pittsburgh. Not as many jobs as in DC, but it would (in many ways) be a clean break for her. Clean breaks are important sometimes.

Trying to do OpenInteract and SPOPS development after hours but I think I need to get in better physical shape first, or something. (See previous statement about being beat.) The folks at are planning to do a release, community building and all, sometime in January, which is cool. I went down there a week and a half ago for some training which seemed to go very well. They were stuck on something and blaming the software, when in fact they "discovered" that you can't use HUP to restart a mod_perl-enabled Apache process when you want it to re-read libraries. You need to blast those buggers away and start clean. (Very frustrating lesson for them, but that's how these lessons stick...)

The steering wheel in the car is shaking in a disturbing way. This equates to money. We've decided that we won't be getting a new car -- either an old one or fix the existing one. This makes practical sense but I must admit that I was looking forward to a new car. I've never owned a car before. But I suppose the rush wears off after a bit. (Unless you've got a cool convertible like Mr. Fancy Pants kuro5hin.)

ErikLevy: You should only need to logout and log back in to get changes made to /etc/profile. Try opening a new XTerm after you make the changes to see...

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