November 11, 2000

Finishing up the job

Yesterday was my last day at, and while things are not entirely finished, it was a good stopping point. Christian was here over the last week and we worked on documentation for OpenInteract and fixed a few bugs. The installer is (IMO) kick-ass right now -- 10 minutes after downloading OpenInteract, you can install it (normal Perl stuff), create a base installation, create a website, configure the website, import all the initial data and templates, setup the Apache virtual hosts and have a fully functioning website! (Well, for first-time users it might take a little longer :)

Still, I did this for the guys at and everything worked just like it was supposed to work. Very cool. They're building a new web application development team centered around this and other work, and I think they can make it work. The company is also skewing much younger now, which is kind of funny. The last four or five people hired have all been around 20 - 23. Makes the company's founders look like geezers...

We settled once and for all that the core OpenInteract framework will be Artistic/GPL -- our sister company raised some concerns (legal and otherwise), but we settled them. So I can still work on this thing. But it's at a point now where other folks can take it and run in new directions. Nice feeling.

So, new job starts on Monday. I should have left at least a couple days breathing room between the two...

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