October 11, 2009

That is a problem

Scene: The morning after Anne's sleepover at the breakfast table.

Me: I heard Benjamin was sick. Is he feeling better?

Anne: I don't know. (pause) Yeah, he's feeling better.[1]

Ella: Did he go to the doctor Anne?

Anne: Yeah.

Ella: Did he get a sticker?

Anne: No

Ella: Oh. That's a problem.[2]

[1] "I don't know" seems to be the toddler default answer if one isn't on the tip of the tongue. This is a frequent type of exchange with Ella: "Do you remember what kind of car she has?" "Yeah." "What color was it?" "I don't know." "What color was the car?" "Umm... blue." "Right!"

[2] Said in the tone of someone just told that the production line capacity is down 20%.

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