July 11, 2009

What comes to mind when you hear J. Edgar?

J. Edgar is in the center

Ella picked up a new series at the library the other day, "My Bedbugs". It's one of Ella's first recommendations, given to her by a boy who was climbing the bookshelves as he gave it. (Do that, Ebert!)

It's got a weird vibe, but as usual the songs are catchier than they deserve. (Isn't there a limited supply of catchiness?) There's an odd character who watches over the bugs, scolding them in an English accent, named 'J. Edgar'.

I scoffed when I first heard that, figuring the writers were attempting some adult hooks by naming the dictator after an infamous director of the FBI. After watching I realized I was giving them too much credit: J. Edgar is a talking vacuum, of the Hoover variety.

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