October 16, 2008

eBay architecture with Randy Shoup

Just listened to episode 109 of Software Engineering Radio, "eBay's Architecture Principles with Randy Shoup". It was just fantastic. You're only going to get a certain level of detail in an hour, but it gives you an excellent sense of some powerful decisions they've made and the trade-offs that come from them.

I also wanted to post this because of the generally high quality of the other podcasts in this series. They generally get excellent, knowledgable folks talking frankly on topics they know a great deal about. There's a danger with podcasts like these that they become marketing platforms, but I don't think I've ever heard that happen. (With the caveat that I haven't listened to them all.)

Some standouts that come to mind are the conversation with Grady Booch, the one with Stefan Tilkov on REST, with Luke Hohmann on business architecture, and Anders Hejlsberg. (There are others, just can't think of them now.) Some of the not-so-great were the ones on refactoring and on large codebases with Jurgen Holler.

Anyway, well worth the listen.

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