June 13, 2007

Five or so things clogging up my google reader

...and thus, five things I'm really interested in right now, otherwise they get the 'mark all as read' treatment:

  • REST, in the top five for the last year or so. In particular the recent discussion of Atom prompted by this and other discussions of whether REST needs a description language (like WADL). I'm tending toward "no" just because I think a description language only gets you at most 80% of what you actually need, and it makes people think that the other 20% doesn't matter. (Numbers pulled out of nowhere, thanks.)
  • Scala, Erlang, and other languages that make concurrency much easier.
  • Sorta piggybacking on this are other JVM languages like JRuby -- congrats on hitting 1.0, it's huge.
  • Catching up with Andrew and Jenny's site because the old RSS feed I had expired silently. Great stuff.
  • Assorted enterprise architecture stuff, especially messaging.
  • Two scoops of great photos from Mark and Deb and their travels.

(Oh yeah, did I mention I switched to google reader from bloglines? After Mark posted about his experience a while ago I tried it out, didn't look back. It wasn't that much better than bloglines, but migration was a snap, and it's one less login...)

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