January 05, 2007

Ella's first visits out

Ella close

On Tuesday Ella had her first doctor's appointment. She loves the car, which was expected from the reports of other people with babies. And we're getting more experirenced at getting her in and out of the car seat.

Her appointment went well -- she gained back all but one ounce of her birth weight, having gone from 10 lbs 1 oz at birth, to 9 lbs 8 oz a day later, to 9 lbs 3 oz the day after that. But apparently babies don't gain back their birth weight for 10-14 t, and she did it in five. So for the all-important percentiles: 95 for height (21.75 inches), 97 for head circumference and 97 for weight. So the feeding is going well.

We also went to the local Babies R Us to trade in some newborn outfits that don't fit her and I carried her in the car seat. She slept the entire time. Last night (Thursday) we made another trip there -- it's becoming like Home Depot -- and also visited Macy's to trade in another outfit that didn't fit. She was great the entire time.

At night she's pretty good -- last night was great: Barb woke Ella up a few times during the night, fed her, and then was able to put her back to sleep. A CD we picked up with white noise-y sounds helped -- vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, restaurants, etc. I think I'm going to start associating vacuums with sleep from now on.

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