January 28, 2006

Her conversion is complete

When I worked with a great bunch of guys at a former company we discovered a phenomenon named "the brown hole". It's the tendency of certain groups to tend toward scatological discussions after a variable period of time. Sometimes it would be five minutes, sometimes an hour, but it would always suck us in. (I won't even mention here the types of conversations that took us into the event horizon...) It actually became a little problem because you simply couldn't say certain words for fear of plunging in, and when we all went to different companies we had to de-sensitize our vocabulary.

Barb always made fun of this, in a loving way. It is primarily a male thing but these types of discussions have a way of crossing cultural boundaries. So last night a Keebler commercial came on and started out with someone saying, "Oooh, the big fudge pot" -- and Barb spit out a laugh at the exact same time I did. A normal person wouldn't have been so affected, so I can only conclude that the brown hole has claimed another victim.

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