June 10, 2005

School's out for-ever

Today’s the last day of teaching for Barb! I haven’t written about her plans before because I know her sneaky students read my blog and I didn’t want to give them anything to talk about. (Suckers!) She’s starting a tutoring business called “My Personal English Teacher” for one-on-one work with middle-school-age and up students, particularly focused on writing. Fortunately the ETS played right into our hands by adding an essay portion to the SAT.

Initially she was worried about getting enough clients but I wasn't too concerned. She's a great teacher and many of the parents (and other teachers) think she's fabulous. And since she's taught at a religious private school she's hooked into a tight-knit community. As a result she's already got a number of clients without doing any advertising or anything, just word-of-mouth. I suspect it'll continue that way.

Yes, we already have the domain, but the website isn't so fabulous yet....

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