March 18, 2005

OpenInteract 1.99_06 released

…and it’s not only on the CPAN, you’re soaking in it. From the announcement email:

OpenInteract 1.99_06 (2.0 beta 6) has been released to CPAN.
OpenInteract is a full-featured application server with
authentication, security, database access, content generation 
and lots of other bells and whistles under one roof.
This release has lots of new features, improvements and bugfixes, including:
* OpenInteract2 applications ('packages') can now be built and
  installed as CPAN-distributable modules.
* When you point the new management task 'easy_app' at a database
  table you get a simple application with create, remove, update,
  delete and search features.
* REST parameters are now supported so something like
  '/news/archive/2005/03' will work as expected.
* You no longer need to store 'sample' files or core packages in an
  external directory, they're all bundled up in packages. So creating
  a new website is just:
    oi2_manage create_website --website_dir=/path/to/site
* Package configuration files are now in one place and do not get
  changed when you upgrade.
* Setup and URL-to-action resolution are much more granular and
  customizable, just drop a class in a namespace to make your own
* FastCGI now supported, and you can use PO/MO (gettext) files
  for your localization messages.
* Tons of other enhancements focusing on simpler objects, flexibility
  and consistency. Plus lots of docs. Most are noted in JIRA:
Many thanks to the people testing betas/CVS snapshots and reporting
issues, particularly Salve Nilsen and his team at the Norwegian
Meteorological Institute.
The next release should be a release candidate and the following
release a final 2.0. (Famous last words...)
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