December 15, 2003

It's all transitory anyway

Rafe ponders what happens to his blog when he dies. I’ve wondered about this myself – not so much this blog but the opensource projects I lead. Who would let people know I’ll be forever delayed in responding to bugs and feature requests? Who would get access to run the projects? Barb doesn’t know the details and I wouldn’t want her to have to bother with it if I something crazy happened anyway. In fact she got a bit upset when I brought this up the other day. Maybe it was because we were going to the airport for my trip…

I like this idea of a deadman's drop: setup something to work only if something else doesn't happen -- blog posts, email traffic from you, etc. If only for the spy movie value of it. But I'd hate to think that all the software I've produced would just go away if I did as well.</>

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