March 10, 2003

XP development story: testify!

Extremely Successful Software - Link found from JoS forum on pair programming. (Predictable responses, all.)

I'm thinking it would be pretty cool to have a "pair programming story" similar to the "wedding story" and "makeover story" and "baby story" etc. found on the Discovery/Learning Channels. Each show is divided into the before, during and after. So in the 'before' segment you have frustrated developers: sequestered in their offices, never communicating, working 14 hour days in messy offices. In 'during' you have one step forward/two steps back experiences with pairing up, the different developers talk to the camera 'Real World' style about what they liked and didn't like. And in 'after' you've got a bullpen full of happy developers, working eight hour days, talking about new discoveries with their colleagues and generally being jolly.

Nahh... maybe not.

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