January 22, 2003

New OpenInteract Wiki

OI Wiki - I’ve been fooling around with this for a few days and figure even with the rough edges it should be public. I moved to TWiki for the implementation because it’s what we use at work and I’m very familiar with it. Previously OI had been using UseMod, but I didn’t like how the authentication worked and the TWiki markup seems clearer. Installation on the Sourceforge webhost was slightly nonstandard, but some folks wrote a script for install and with a sane backup strategy we should be cool.

Even though TWiki is a huge beast (for a wiki) with nonstandard coding conventions for Perl (fingernails on chalkboard, ack!), it's fairly easy to create plugins for extending the syntax and functionality, and a whole bunch of them already exist. I moved all the pages over from the old Wiki and am planning to use it much more with the version 2 development effort.

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