January 09, 2003

Site updates

In the continuing spirit of dogfood I’ve upgraded this site to the as-yet-unreleased OpenInteract 1.56. There are a few very minor changes to the framework, but I’ve done a bit of work in the last few days to the ‘news’ package, which controls the blog entries. Changes include finding all the entries in a particular second and/or month/day – you can see this on the main blog page. (You can also keyword search using the input on the navigation bar.) Also, I added the standard previous/main/next links on every individual entry, which was inspired by David’s comment about how blog entries never stand alone. I totally agree.

SPOPS users may want to note: the previous/next links are maintained automatically on object insert using SPOPS::Tool::DBI::MaintainLinkedList. Piece of cake.

I also noticed a problem with the what's new listing -- there were no entries after December 29. (It's fixed now, I just added them manually.) Weird. The first crazy thought that crossed my mind was that I had a Y2K+3 bug or something. But it was a subtle programming error introduced by upgrading to SPOPS 0.73 (and subsequently 0.74) and the object state before it calls the post-save rules. But I was happy to find it fairly quickly :-)

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