November 26, 2002

Imported some old stuff

I’m not sure how I got on this – I have tons of other stuff to do – but I stumbled across an XML-RPC reference somewhere and that tickled a memory that Advogato makes available many items via XML-RPC, and that use.perl does the same thing via SOAP. So I figured, why not grab all my old diary entries and stick them all here, particularly since I got the search interface working a little while ago.

A few minutes browsing the necessary reference material (advogato use.perl), a few perl scripts later and we're in like flynn. Advogato diaries don't support a subject so they all have a title 'Advogato Post', which sucks; none of the imported entries is categorized either. I also need to change the default listing to not grab everything. (I'll get these fixed soon.)

You can see if it's an entry from another site because it's got a note at the bottom with a link to the original. So now I've got entries for almost three years. Cool.

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