August 22, 2002

Not driven by polls, eh? (Part 3)

White House Posts Steel Tariff List
Here’s the trick, worthy of that weasel Dick Morris:
Step 1: Go against fundamental conservative doctrine and raise tariffs on steel (Ohio and Pennsylvania still have a lot of electoral votes!)
Step 2: Take massive heat from conservatives and trading partners for being protectionistic
Step 3: Erode the tariffs piecemeal but don’t let anyone know, especially those people from Pennsylvania and Ohio
Voilá - you’re on both sides of the issue! If you play your cards right, you’ll be loved by everyone. If not, you’ll be hated by everyone. Good luck!

(Update: See also NYT story U.S. Excludes More Steel Imports From Protective Tariffs, although it's not much beefier.)

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