January 01, 2002


My main resolution this year: Get Shit Done. (The GSD TLA can also be 'Get Stuff Done' if you prefer.) This means everywhere -- personally, around the house, at work, on projects. I have a distrurbing tendency to fart around with various things -- reading, watching Law and Order (because it's on anytime you want!) or other formulaic TV, or surfing around (the worst).

Some examples of the S that needs to GD (in no particular order):

  • Get in shape -- this means going to the gym four times a week, no exceptions. We were going good for a while but petered out. I don't want to be bulky, just be able to run for a while (hour or so) without stopping.
  • Take care of household stuff -- if there's something that needs fixing, cleaning or doing I won't walk by and pretend I didn't see it or that B said she'd do it. (Hairballs are a prime example.)
  • Get serious about Java -- I'd like to be as good at Java in 18 months as I am at Perl right now. There's a ton of OS stuff for Java to learn from/play with, some of which would even be useful for work.
  • Get the word out about projects -- write articles for take23, talk at yapc (if there is one) and/or tpc (if I can convince work to pay). Maybe even hang out at some IRC places, altho I'm afraid that's habit-forming.
  • Do things outside work -- work, side pay projects and OS projects take up a lot of time but leave me as one-dimensional as flat stanley. (Well, one and a half since I'm married....)
  • Cook more
  • Get my website back up, with photos. (I'm jealous of hfb's digital camera prowess.)
  • </ul>

    That's all I can think of for right now. Hop to it.

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