December 02, 2001

My keyboard rocks, OI glitch

ishmael: My experience with wrist pain hasn't been too dramatic, I think mainly because I bought a Kinesis Ergo contoured keyboard before it got too bad. Yeah, it's around $225 at one of the distributors, but that's cheap compared to loss of time and medical bills. It took me about a week to get used to it, but now I'm extremely fast and only have a little bit of wrist pain when I work a lot (~70-80 hours a week). I even convinced my employer to get one for me so I don't have to carry it to/from work.

Had to release OpenInteract 1.36 since Randal pointed out a bug in a mkdir() call -- Perl 5.005x requires two arguments, 5.6.1 defaults the second one for you. Doh! (Another, smaller item got fixed as well.)

Upgrade of the major site going well. I'm rewriting all the custom modules to use the new version -- bonus of this is that they'll all be open-sourced, so people will be able to d/l the various packages and have a pretty cool website (event calendar, link database, contact database, news, classifieds, shopping cart, simple product database) out of the box.

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