November 20, 2001

Getting back into Java

(Eeek -- things are getting a little personal around here. Dumps and hot tubs indeed.)

The Java synapses are firing again, and I'm just about done reorganizing the code tree and build process so everything can be run from Ant. This includes the database metadata dump (not THAT kind of dump) and the perl process to build the many (>100) entity and session beans from the metadata. This actually makes it a process that someone besides me can execute.

Still haven't gotten out the next OpenInteract and SPOPS yet. They're ready but I'm a little concerned about the ease with which people will be able to upgrade. But things are settling down a little bit -- one more project for $OLDCOMPANY #1, then continuing work for $OLDCOMPANY #2 and things will be ok.

Also: decided that I'll probably switch DSL providers shortly. To minimize downtime (apparently it's normally ~3 weeks), I'll get the line put on my home phone line and then cancel both the DSL service and the second phone line. Cost savings are good, plus I'll be able to run a web server at home again since crappy verizon cut off port 80 a while ago.

I actually went to the online Apple store last night just to see how much a titanium powerbook would be per month with financing BS. Very bad.

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