September 25, 2001

Wireless up, template widgets

Finally got wireless working. Someone had posted a patch to get Ad-Hoc working on Prism2 cards with the Linux-WLAN 0.1.9 release. Compiled it in, worked great. So now the gateway has two cabled interfaces (external and internal) and a wireless internal interface. A few modifications to the iptables script and everything is good to go. I should write up this process so nobody else has such pain with these Linksys cards.

Did a ton of work over the last five days to make building typical apps in OpenInteract a total piece of cake. Part of this was building a common file of Template Toolkit widgets and making it available to all templates processed. But this visibly (!!) diminished performance, which was puzzling because it should have only parsed/compiled the common library once. Looking back into the custom TT provider in OI I found that it wasn't doing any caching or compiling. Doh! A few modifications and it's now happy as a clam.

Building apps with this new system is excellent -- define the object, define your templates and some configuration stuff and you've basically got a search form, object searching (including on attributes in other tables), object display, editing and removal. Just like that. And I've got an impossible deadline to test it out on. Always a good combination....

We also adopted a new cat on Friday from the shelter. This makes three cats to two people in the house, so it's officially a cat house now. She's lovely, but she seems to drool a lot (!) when she's happy. Hopefully not a symptom of anything else, because we've grown close to her very quickly.

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