July 23, 2001

Upgrading to Test::More

Released new versions of OpenInteract (1.1) and SPOPS (0.41) on Friday and didn't get any angry emails over the weekend, which is a good sign. I also modified all the testing scripts to use Test::More, which is quite simple but quite useful. It's funny how it started -- Thursday night I was surface-cleaning up docs, making sure all the POD was manified without errors and figured I should add a test (or two) for iterators.

It was like unraveling a threadbare rug -- one tug on one strand and the whole thing started falling apart. (Well, maybe not that dramatic, but still.) So, remembering the talk from YAPC I nabbed the aforementioned module and started converting. It's an additional download for people, but it's pure Perl so it shouldn't prove problematic. On top of that, I modified the tests to use some of the shortcuts written recently, so overall writing tests is easier now. This is definitely good.

I'm thinking I should move the SQL data moving abstraction stuff from OpenInteract to SPOPS. At the least it would make it easy to specify tables and data for testing :-)

Went to Erie (Pennsylvania) on Sunday to hang out on the beach with my wife and mother-in-law. Very pleasant. Not much work done over the weekend, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Also in the process of building a new gateway from my old workstation parts. Most everything is installed and running ok, just need to copy my OpenInteract configuration and theme stuff from the (very) old version on MySQL to the newest version on PostgreSQL. Also going to setup IMAP (using Cyrus) since mutt's IMAP support is pretty decent, and then something like acmemail for web-based access, since checking email from Greece a few weeks ago was a PITA.

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