June 18, 2001

Notes from YAPC

Got back from YAPC NA yesterday. Tons o fun. Got to talk about OpenInteract in a talk and, despite a few small technical issues (thanks for crashing Netscape!) things went well. We gave away a box of t-shirts too, which is always a nice introduction. (Geeks are such suckers for t-shirts, myself included of course.)

Montreal seemed like a decent city but it's difficult to say from my limited exposure. I did a bit of exploring, but it was pretty aimless and geared to just get me out and about rather than learning. (Although the Basilica of St. Patrick's was quite impressive.)

Lots of fun stuff at YAPC: normal Damian Conway entertainment and mindbending stuff, the 'delta force' of hackers who can't decide what to do for lunch/dinner, rants about project management/testing/etc. from Mr. Schwern. Things were a little different this year for me since I was visiting the city rather than going home every night. Made for more immersion :-)

I sat in on a calendaring BOF (hi srl and Skud). It might be interesting to have some SPOPS objects you could use to serialize calendaring information -- you could in theory plug it into Reefknot and have it Just Work as part of its storage layer. (In theory.)

But that (among other things) will have to wait a bit -- we're finally (we got married last April) going on our honeymoon to Greece starting Thursday. As long as there's money in the bank account, we should have a wonderful time despite our disorganized best efforts to try otherwise.

Also, in a rare bit of airplane and conference productivity, implemented iterators for SPOPS and SPOPS::DBI, which might make it out the door before we leave if I have a fit of sleeplessness...

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