June 07, 2001

Updating old site

The nice people at kinesis are sending me a new keywell (that's their term for it) for just $30, plus shipping so, unless I screw something else up, I'll be back in typing-happy land again tomorror. Cool.

Slogging through a fairly large OpenInteract site done on an old (6 month) version by some junior programmers. Fun. But at least while I'm doing that I'm finding featurelets to add (and adding them) and bugs to fix (and fixing them). On the downside, it's delaying the 1.07 OI release and the 0.40 SPOPS release and stealing time away from another Really Important Deadline as well as preparing a presentation for YAPC.

(BTW, just curious: is anyone from Advogato going to YAPC?)

Also, someone just came out with an alpha for DBD::LDAP, which if it works well would be superfly since we could plug it into SPOPS and have it Just Work.

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