May 14, 2001

Summer plans

Plans for the summmer are jelling: yapc in mid-June, Greece in June/July (finally a honeymoon!) and Monterey, California for a wedding in early August -- with a few days for padding.

I'm getting back into OpenInteract/SPOPS development. I was a little burned out for a bit -- I wonder how often this happens to other people? I just needed a few weeks away from thinking about or doing anything with the project (other than idle wakeup/shower wandering mind thoughts). However, a developer in Germany has been asking a few questions on the -dev list and privately about OI and it's been acting as kindling for more ideas -- surely a good sign. I hope to be able to drum up interest at yapc, and one of the surest ways to do that is have excellent docs for people to learn from. ("Gentlemen, you have your assignments.")

I have two more weeks at The Company and then I'm on my own, although a big chunk of my time is already spoken for, so it's not as risky as it initially sounds. I still have some mixed feelings about leaving -- the developers that are left are generally quite bright and if other folks had started Java development a couple months ago I might still be there. But if I'm going to be working by myself, I might as well be doing someting I really like :-)

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