September 04, 2004

Someone taking over DBD::Mock

A few months ago I released DBD::Mock to the CPAN. It allows you to create a mock database connection in unit tests so you don’t need a live database (or the setup hassle) to test your app. Someone else has now taken over improving and maintaining the module and has just released a new version; I think that’s just fantastic.

A little history: about a month after releasing the module I responded to a Perlmonks post plugging the module, and a day after that the author (Stevan) e-mailed me with some ideas for improvements. These eventually resulted in changes implemented in 0.10.

In the next couple of months Stevan wrote me a few more emails with ideas and improvements. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to respond to the emails, always a problem with doing opensource in your spare time. In response to a CPAN RT-filed bug and some ideas from the author of that bug I released a version about six weeks ago.

So a few weeks after that I figured: someone else is into this more than I am. Why not see if he wants to do it? He accepted and that's that. I see he's already changed some semi-core things (he doesn't like AUTOLOAD), which is cool. It's nice to start something and let other people run with it.

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