September 03, 2004

Kennywood closed during day -- disappointed! Plus: Hero

Wednesday Kim and I planned to go to <a href=””“>Kennywood</a> – it was my first day of unemployment and she’s taking some time off. I was psyched – all the kids are back in school, it was a gorgeous day (~80 and sunny) and both of us love roller coasters, so I figured we’d get in a ridiculous amount of riding. I even remembered to get sunscreen! I also checked out the Thrill Network boards for tips from coaster geeks.

Just as I was putting the last of the sunscreen on we approached Kennywood, and I noticed the spinning chairs in the air ride wasn't going. Neither were the Phantom's Revenge, water ride, or any of the kiddie rides. I got a bad feeling. Then the free parking was closed, and the paid parking too. Sure enough, the park was closed -- the perfect plan ruined. Dammit! (I should note that they are open but only after 5 pm until September 3.)

So we turned around and drove the Waterfront to see a movie. Hero started a bookstore-browsing amount of time after we arrived so we agreed on that. What a gorgeous movie! A slew of breathtakinng scenes are what you'll probably take away from it -- rich colors accented by costumes and textured by nature and architecture.

A funny note about that: all over the theater they had signs to tell people: "Hero is in Mandarin and has subtitles. Refunds will not be given for this reason." I asked the ticket person and she said a lot of a people were surprised by the subtitles....Good gravy, how does anyone take Americans seriously?

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