September 16, 2002

If you're a tree, how many antlers would you have?

Stupid interview questions - Nothing groundbreaking, but a good list of the thoughtless actions HR people typically take. What’s worse is when the interviewer is a technical person who has been through the same lame interviews but due to laziness continues with the same trite questions.

My interview pet peeves:

  • Having to fill out -- by hand or by computer -- a peronal/employment history form when coming to an interview. This information is on your resume, they should be able to enter it themselves. Or, worst case, ask you to email some additional details before the interview. It's disrespectful and gets my sarcasm hackles up like nothing else.
  • The monster first interview. People expect to go through a screening process when interviewing for a position. If they're travelling a distance for the interview, this screening is usually done by phone. Don't make the first interview a three-hour affair, touching base with five different people who all have better things to do.
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