September 16, 2002

CVS revision upgrade steps

I don’t do this often enough to be a pro, so this is partially a note for future reference. Occasionally I’ll perform some numbskull maneuvers that exhibit themselves when I upgrade a CPAN module: the new version includes classes that have VERSION numbers older than ones already in the repository. (Somehow, merlyn always catches these. Magic.) Since I use CVS to generate my version strings, I’ll need to tell CVS to upgrade the revision number. This is easy:

$ cvs commit -r 2.16

However, this leaves a sticky tag on the file:

$ more CVS/Entries
/ Sep 16 19:53:34 2002//T2.16

And if you try to change it and commit it, CVS will give you a nasty warning (which I can't remember right now) and refuse to commit the changes. To fix this you need to remove the sticky tag, which is also easy:

$ cvs update -A
$ more CVS/Entries
/ Sep 16 19:53:34 2002//
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