September 09, 2002

New version of OpenInteract

OpenInteract 1.51 is on the loose, and of course you’re soaking in it :-)

One problem I just encountered that I hadn't previously thought about -- I might need to build in a check to see if the user is an administrator when checking/filling the cache. Because administrators and normal users in some cases see different things. (For instance, on the front page I get a small 'Edit' link next to each news story.) But if I'm the first person to look at the page, then everyone sees the 'Edit' link.

It's not a security problem (you'd just see the static, noneditable version of the object), but it's bad programming to let people see options they might not even be aware of.

Update: This is updated in CVS so that if a user is an administrator:
if ( $R->>{auth}{is_admin} )
then this user neither reads from the cache nor writes to the cache. This is a kludge, however. I'll devote a low-priority thread to it :-)

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