September 09, 2002

New release of OpenInteract

1.51 is out the door. This release includes caching for generated content. It will undoubtedly require tweaking -- in fact, I've already had to modify it for my site so it doesn't cache my (admin) view of content. But I thought it was better to get it out so that people who might use caching more aggressively than me can take a look at it and suggest improvements.

Also made changes to a couple of packages this weekend, including raiding the use.perl quotes file for ones I didn't have already and repackaging the quotes in a more extensible format.

Doing too much work lately: my aching hands are always a good indicator of this. Good news: I got a used rowing machine last week and am using it every day in a (so far) feeble attempt to get more proficient. This thing is kicking my ass, but I will prevail!

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