September 03, 2002

Review of NYT article on fat

Experts Declare Story Low on Saturated Facts
This is an interesting review of the major points of the infamous NYT magazine article back in July. It focused on how the benefits Atkins diet (high fat, low carb) has been overlooked by the establishment, which has focused on a low fat diet which, by the way, is killing our country.</p>

It's a good read. I was a little startled to find the following:

"If anything, I think this [Taubes] article has increased the ability to get scientific studies on this topic funded," said Eric C. Westman, associate professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center...

So articles in the newspaper (even the NYT) have influence on scientific studies? Doesn't this scare anyone? This probably isn't news, but it's rare to hear someone admit it publicly.

(Found via ask's site.)

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