July 08, 2002

Ramble ramble

Things I did or did not do today:

  • Caught up to some news, emails, etc.
  • Finally got some ideas down about some OpenInteract training I will probably do in the next couple weeks.
  • Made up a yummy tortilla filling of onions, sweet potatoes, green peppers and spinach.
  • Finally got my first Java GUI thingie working, tabbed resultsets and all. I might have to modify the design a bit, but it works fairly well.
  • Watched Gnat's movie (fun!) and browsed through tons of YAPC/OSCON photos. (How did I miss them before?)
  • Spent way too much time reading a veg thread on k5. What's the point, anyway? After you read one or two debates you've heard everything there is to say. The only new twists are how obnoxious, sanctimonious and ignorant the participants can be.
  • Neglected to write a letter to my sick aunt.
  • Did not scan in photos from Greece (last year's vacation!)
  • Failed to sketch out a timeline for OI2 development over the next eight weeks. </ul>

    But for now, it's too hot to really do anything but sleep.

    (Originally posted elsewhere)

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