July 07, 2002

Back, etc.

Got back from vacation, with a stop along the way at my dad's soon-to-be-former house to load up a uhaul with all the stuff my sister wants. (My dad and his wife are downsizing in a big, big way.) Kind of painful and weird to go through stuff I used to own and care about, but theraputic to shove it off into the ether of thrift stores and dump divers.

Vacation was very relaxing. I even played bingo for the first time since elementary school. (Almost got the fill-the-card-in-58 game jackpot, but that doesn't win you anything except sympathy from your cohorts.)

In our frenzied day today, we also met our new landlords. They seem nice. So we're set to move starting a week from tomorrow, the big stuff on the 20th. More fun...

Finally: while at the beach I shaved my beard off on a whim. Only a goatee remains. This is the first time since 1993 that certain areas of my face are viewable to the public. I suspect that the daily ardors imposed by shaving may become too great and my previous visage will return, but stranger things have been known to happen.

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