January 28, 2002

Yay for tests!

While continuing the aforementioned porting process, I noticed a line in the INI config reader that I thought shouldn't work. But it had never blown up before so I figured I was wrong and went along my way.

A few minutes later I was creating some tests for these pieces when wouldn't you know, the test blew up right at that point. A ten-second fix later and a 'perl t/config_ini.t' I get all 'ok' lines back and feel a warm glow inside. (Notice how the warm fuzzies immediately override the cold pricklies that must have been there due to this bug being in the INI reader for, um, a while.)

In related news, there's an 'Extreme Perl' mailing list setup for folks wanting to talk about XP and Perl. Hopefully it won't degenerate into the mudfests that XP seems to inspire in people...

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