January 28, 2002

New module

Just like that, Class::Factory is zipping on its way to CPAN. Last night I was working on moving various modules that shouldn't need much work from the current OpenInteract to the new version. One of these is the config stuff, and I was copy-and-pasting (again!) the factory method I created recently on something else (import/export for SPOPS, I think). Something the esteemed Mr. Wardley wrote in the docs for Class::Base came to mind -- why not just make it a standalone module?

My first thought was that surely someone had already posted a CPAN module to do this and I'd just missed it before. But I scoured every place I could think and no dice. So some refactoring, tinkering, docs and (yes!) tests later, it's out the door. How rewarding is that?

Reading a bit on RSI stuff -- after I got my current keyboard about a year and a half ago my problems went away. But every now and then there are twinges, and I know enough to heed them.

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