August 09, 2001

Walking around SF, other ideas

Went to wedding in Monterey (CA) and then to SF for a day of walking around, eating, etc. Nice place (last time I was there I was eight), but once we saw a 'For Rent' sign for a relatively normal 3BR place in Russian Hill ($3600), the airy dreams of moving got some cold reality water. Beautiful wedding, too.

Verizon has tipped me over the edge -- inbound port 80 is now blocked for DSL customers and will probably be for the foreseeable future. (I need to setup a proxy somewhere and run my stuff on port 81, hassle hassle.) I'll wait a bit to see if they change their policy, but I'm looking around at different providers. Unfortunately, there would be a one-to-two week period where I'd have no DSL service at all. Bleh.

Excellent ideas going on with SPOPS right now -- one of the active contributors wants to be able to synchronize an object so multiple processes can access and use the same object concurrently. Immediately terrible visions of EJBs flood my head, but wait -- it's optional! Every get/set method doesn't require an RPC! It's not something to be designed around -- use it or don't use it, your choice!

Plus, SPOPS::LDAP is functioning, so you can use an LDAP directory as a datastore. Sweet. Still some more features to add, but I should be able to meet the deadline.

Now that I think of it, we're getting some nice 'enterprise' functionality -- LDAP, synchronized objects -- all we need to do is something with XML and computerworld will be knocking at our door :-)

And a colleague has finally turned me onto Gnus for all my messaging needs -- he uses the IMAP interface frequently and with no problems. Once I get cyrus setup I think I'll switch, just making it something else to learn, something else to never leave xemacs for...

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