July 31, 2001

Getting paid from open source

This is nice when it happens: a client needs LDAP functionality for SPOPS right now, is willing to pay for it and is willing for the work to be distributed with SPOPS under the same license. Sweet.

The (slight) downside is dealing with LDAP -- I understand it and can work with it no problem, but I always feel like there's something I'm missing.

One of the other benefits (sorta) of writing code on a contract basis for a short deadline is testing -- people want to know that the code works, and the best way to do it is testing. IMO it's easier to skip over testing when the people using the code are peers than when someone has paid you money for a particular thing to work. So since I was adding new features to it the SPOPS tie interface (along with its subclass that does strict field checking) now has decent test scripts. Hooray for Test::More!

We went camping this weekend. It was just a short little trip an hour away but very nice. Our fire kicked ass :-) Unfortunately, there was a Marilyn Manson/Black Sabbath/some-other-tick-off-the-parents band at the nearby outdoor pavillion, and some of the attendees were saving money by camping. So we woke up Sunday morning to a distorted voice singing: "My name is Lucifer/Please take my hand" or something. Creepy.

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