April 02, 2001

JDBC metadata, JDE and building EJBs

Company turbulence, not fun. Will find out tomorrow (hopefully) what's what. Not that it's hard to find another job, but stability has its advantages.

While DBI may be faster than JDBC for real-world work, at least JDBC has some kick-ass metadata capabilities.

Finally motivated enough to use JDE for Java development, kicking JBuilder to the curb. Little learning curve since IDEs tend to take care of project management things for you, but it's all settled and quite cool now. XEmacs, why did I ever leave thee?

Building EJBs in Perl is quite robust now, having moved to the Template Toolkit for much of the work. (When will I learn?) Added 'default' capabilities to model existing data (since JDBC gives us that metadata), among other things.

Joined a gym last weekend and have actually gone quite a few times. It's pretty decent -- not loaded with crazybuff muscleheads or people looking to score. I'm hoping to get back into running again -- I know it's not good for your joints (etc.), but it really fits my personality. Bicycling does too, but running is about as low-overhead (and low-maintenance) as you can get.

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