March 19, 2001

Looking at Postgres

Yay, it's allergy season! (blech) Why is it I can remember a line from a Simpsons episode I last saw three years ago but I can't remember when my allergies get all riled up every year. Says something about priorities....

Investigating Postgres more. Got SPOPS to pass the limited tests and OpenInteract to install on it. Sweet. I think with some more work I'll make this the database I use on free/fun projects. The only (small) bone I have to pick is with the command-line utilities. Personally, I like the mysql approach for administration of one binary and many options (e.g., mysqladmin create mydb) versus the handful of binaries used by Postgres (initdb, createuser, createdb, vacuum, ...). But that's quite minor.

Also played some with POE -- neat-o!

I am so looking forward to spring, even with the sneezing (etc.).

Barb and I are looking to join a gym/club/whatnot. It will be good for us both, but it's going to take some effort to stick with it.

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