February 13, 2001

Message queue rumblings, response to OI

Response so far is pretty decent to OpenInteract -- we got a couple of minor patches for SPOPS from one person and a potential porter for Postgres as well. Not bad for a little more than a week. (I was also psyched to see a handful of what I consider to be very smart Perl folks on the -dev list.)

I have a number of ideas (and a growing itch) for a generalized message queue system in Perl -- reading up on this in Java has given me lots of ideas. Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much out there. Message queues seem to solve a lot of common problems. But they're probably more complicated than I can imagine right now.

In work news, they agreed to let me release my minor Ant taskdef under a BSD license. And we're moving from a client-server (VB-MS SQL Server) system to an application server (EJB) environment. And I'm the most experienced Java programmer. And I just learned Java three months ago. Fun!

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