February 06, 2001

OpenInteract is in the house!

OpenInteract is now out there! Code is available on Sourceforge along with mailing lists, etc. Freshmeat page is coming soon, as is one for SPOPS. Both are also available via CPAN as well as in handy Bundle:: form.

It's at a very usable point now -- yes, there are bugs, but none of them are showstoppers and I had passed the point of diminishing returns quite some time ago. Someone else (preferably many someone elses) looking at the code would be a good thing. I think the code is quite decent -- I tried to be readable, although in some areas methods are too long and need to be refactored. And it really is a pretty cool product. We'll see.

jauderho: I feel your pain regarding LDAP. The idea that someone's name is essentially acting as the primary key sends shivers down my spine.

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